Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pulp Fiction Holidays

I think Peter Mendelsund's design of The Snowman, by Jo Nesbø has to be one of my top favorite book cover designs this year. This is a very modernist approach to a crime novel, but it's not a cliche. The minimalist spine is stunning and is an attraction on any bookshelf.
      Other pulp fiction book covers below are less minimalism; more drama. Enough to put you in the holiday spirit for some good crime novel reading.  
No date on this gem, but still available on Amazon.

A 25 cent Dell paperback from 1951.
Another interpretation of Henry Kane's novel from 1952. This one is a hardback dust jacket.

Another 25 cent pot boiler from 1949. 
:: The last 3 books are from Froggyboggler's Flickrstream.

A fabulous Dell cover design by George Gregg from 1943.
:: From uk vintage's Flickrstream.

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  1. I just read the Snowman by Jo Nesbo, but my book is having not such an beautifull cover!


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