Thursday, December 15, 2011

Swedish Holiday Delights

This nice collection of holiday covers from the Swedish printer's journal Grafiskt Forum are kindly provided by Katie Varrati and Derrick Schultz of the after-hours studio Bustbright in Los Angeles. This large archive is made available on Flickr, in addition to a vast scrapbook of many more mid-century design works which they have kindly provided for the masses. It is a rich resource indeed!
Above is December 1951 Grafistkt Forum. Below is a December 1952. No design credit offered.

January 1955 cover. My personal favorite. ; )
December 1955. Design by Helge Rehnström. 

December 1957. Design by Helge Rehnström.

December 1958. Design by Helge Rehnström.

January 1970. 

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