Monday, December 12, 2011

Cold Type

I have a thing for snow-capped letters in case it wasn't clear by now. And it's no coincidence I married a glaciologist. I do love the snowfall. Here is a small collection of ephemera with snow-covered letters to add to the holiday spirit. If it must be cold outside, at least we can celebrate the beauty of winterized letters. 
      Oh, and that new seasonal masthead above? It is a 1975 snowed-under version of Gill Sans Bold which you can find here.
     Sidenote: the Snow Shoe brand tobacco label above is one of my favorites from the Letterology archives. It is partially cropped, but I believe it must be a wrapper from a box of tobacco, like the one Mr. Snow Shoe guy happens to be also carrying with his picture on the front. 
Polar bears making polar beer on the Klemm Lager beer label from 1877. From Captain Geoffrey Spaulding's Flickrstream.

Eskimo Pie 12 Pack label from 1984. With such tight leading, the snow never had a chance to collect on the heads and shoulders of this type. The Zero wrapper below is from the 1920s and 30s. Only 1 cent! Both of these labels are from Jason Liebig's Flickrstream.

Another eBay find I missed out on. An 1898 trade card from the Leibig series on Winter sport ski-race-fishing. Who knew? 
From an essay on The History of Flour Milling in Washington State from This Snow Drift brand flour sack is from Dayton, Washington, circa 1900.
A menu from the 13th Annual Arctic Club Reunion Dinner in 1906 in New York City. From the Buttolph Menu collection at the New York Public Library. More yet to come later...


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