Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book in a Bag

NY artist Trong G. Nguyen provides his own interpretation of a library in his ongoing series, Library. Beginning in 2007, Nguyen has used rice kernals, ink, gold paint, gold leaf and clear mylar to record entire books on grains of rice. He writes one single word in ink on each grain of rice, until he completes an entire chapter and places them all into a clear mylar bag. To distinguish the books' titles, he paints the rice grain with gold leaf. The book's title and individual chapters are noted in the top corner of each mylar rice packet with a due date card inside. His project gives new meaning to food for the soul.
:: Via Blessé par le mot


  1. It's nice to see an artist going against the grain like that.


  2. This hurts to even think about. Although very creative which makes the hurt go away.


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