Monday, September 10, 2012

Miss Friday The Typist

Busy-busy Miss Friday's work is never done. With flying fingers on her Tom Thumb electric typewriter, she's been hammering out the same letter since the 1950s. "Always be a good boy and a good girl" she types day after day with the unwavering commitment of a zen monk. Miss Friday deserves a raise and a promotion—or perhaps a long retirement from her busy-busy job, where she diligently types letters & letters all the live-long day. 
In the 1960s, Miss Friday was given a new portable typewriter, a modest 
fashion upgrade, her own telephone, and a clipboard with an alphabet attached, which she typed with blind ambition. She could easily have been cast for a cameo in the secretarial pool on MadMen. Miss Friday and Peggy do have a startling resemblance. Separated at birth perhaps?

::A hat tip to Robert Messenger of ozTypewriter for introducing me to Miss Friday; and to vensoyo for featuring Miss Friday's video; and to Robert at Grandpa's Toys' Flickrstream for the stills of the 1960s Miss Friday; and to Elsewhere comics eBay store for this digitally enhanced photo of Miss Friday's Box. She is currently available at Elsewhere for a price!

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