Friday, September 14, 2012

Thirst For Words

Got a thirst for words? This typewriter has some type on tap. The designer, known simply as Morskoiboy, schemed up the idea of a cocktail typewriter one day, drew up a sketch, and within months, had a cocktail-dispensing typewriter contraption built of plexiglas, plastic piping, pumps and pushbutton letters. Type any letter and a colored liquid will display it and dispense it. Type more letters and you have yourself a word cocktail. Caution: drink words sparingly. Too many and you forget how to use them. Unless...Morskoiboy can maybe invent some sort of a liquid white-out solution that might erase the colored letters after drinking them...Hmmm

Morskoiboy's cocktail typewriter works simply by mixing a base liquid in the basin at top— such as water, milk, or alcohol—with the corresponding colored liquids from the vessels below. Pressing the letters on the keyboard injects the corresponding colored liquids into a splitter, sending it to the various segments of the letter display. Each letter activates a syringe with a valve that converts them into a pump. Push L for lime, K for kahlua, O for orange, V for vodka. After the splitter injects the liquid into as many segments needed to display the particular letter, it then mixes it with the base liquid before it reaches the tap. The biggest decision you will have to make as the typist/bartender is how many words per cocktail to type.   
 Morskoiboy reports that his typewriter is not quite ready-for-prime-time (I'd call that a prototypewriter), and still needs some fine-tuning. Perhaps he can build the next one with an optional set of lowercase letters for the youth crowd. Oh, and a snowflake glyph for ice.
Ewww, I'm not about to drink any flourescent pink R. That just can't be a real food product ;(

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