Friday, September 28, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Designers



ABCs for OCDers: alphabet soup by design comes from the clever mind of Swiss performer, artist, comedian, author AND typographer, Ursus Wehrli. It is featured in his third book, Die Kunst Aufzuräumen; soon-to-be-released in English as The Art of Tidying UpAll three of his books about tidying up everything from famous artworks to french fries are part of his campaign to recreate a new world order. The perfect gift for any obsessive compulsive designer who rearranges their bookshelves by color. You know who you are!
     His most recent orderly creation is for the Swiss Post office, where he deconstructed an image of the iconic Swiss clock signaling the efficiency of their train schedules. You can also catch him doing a crazy Ted talk here.   


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