Thursday, September 6, 2012

De Papiermolen Promotions

Da Papiermolen was a paper promotion periodical targeting designers and featuring examples of fine commercial printing. The six cover examples above are shared from Taowaki's Flickrstream and range in age from the mid-1930s to early 1950s. Some of the beautiful illustration work printed on the uncoated papers, appears to be "tipped on" or attached post printing, which requires a great deal of extra handwork. Similarly, some of the colored paper examples are also collaged on, such as the tulips on the cover of issue No. 13 and the women's coat and dress on the cover immediately above. Although most of the designs of these paper promotions go uncredited, Jan Lutz is credited with the cover of issue No. 8 and a few of the boldly illustrated interior images. Koen van Os also receives credit for the cover design of issue No. 11 and much of the interior illustrations. See more here.  

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