Friday, April 5, 2013

Front & Center with Calligraffiti

A meeting between Nalden and Calligraffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman, at his home and studio in Amsterdam in 2010 provides us with a front row seat to watch him at work. Although this was filmed several years ago now, I never grow tired of watching it. Lettering by snowplow next? Yes pleeeez!
::Produced by Circus Family & Nalden 


  1. That was super interesting. =) 'Course I was feeling greedy ("Show me every moment what exactly he's doing") but then when he busted out the spraypaint, and then the broom, I was happy for every morsel. =)

  2. I was waiting for him to jump on a snowplow. Now that would be a great show!

  3. It's amazing with what speed and accuracy he churns out those letterforms.


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