Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pocket Protectors

The Pocketector from the Plastic Service Co. of Los Angeles. Only 15 cents.
Pocket protectors used to be a badge of honor primarily for white-collar American male office workers. They were designed to neatly tuck into a breast shirt pocket to protect it from ink stains, and store pens, pencils, and small tools. There are mixed opinions about who exactly invented the first pocket protector, but Boing Boing science writer Steven Leckart reports that the first pocket protector patent was issued in 1903 to Himan C. Dexter. Other pocket aficionados recognize engineer Hurley Smith who developed the "pocket shield" in 1943. He was awarded a patent for his invention in 1947. 

No sooner was the pocket protector developed when enterprising young promoters raced to emblazon company logos on the flap extending outside the pocket. This collection below is but a small glimpse to be seen at Dr. John Pojman's gallery of pocket protectors. At this time, he has over 1200 in his collection. It is where all pocket protectors eventually go to retire.  


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