Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Literary Logos

From the top:
Skuggi Publishing | designed by Hörður Kristbjörnsson
London Centre for Book Arts | designed by Ira Yonemura
Guild of Food Writers | designed by 300million
Pop-up Book Museum | designed by Jo Young Chung
BookStore | designed by Kareem Magdi
Ishida Book Binding | designed by Takashi Okada
Imperial Books | designer unknown
Artes Graficas de Madrid | designed by Pep Carrio
Electric Literature | designed by Design Simple
Strand Books | designer unknown
Gotham Books | designed by Erik Baker
The Library of Congress | designed by Chermayeff & Geismar
Target Bookmark | designed by Wink
Amati Books | designed by Gary Blum Design | designed by A Friend of Mine
Defining Our Terms | by Simon Walker
Electric Type | designed by Loop Design
Brands Books | designed by Chaz Desimone
Alber Bookstore | designed by Eugene & Max Lenz
Book Club of Washington | designed by Jenny Wilkson

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