Monday, August 19, 2013

Space Planning

Ask any sign painter and they will tell you that lettering is all about space... how much physical space each letter occupies and how much space there is between each letter and word. For maximum readability and legibility, the spacing should be proportional and uniform. This gem was sent to me a while back from master sign painter and comic illustrator Justin Green, and it belonged to a friend of his. On that same note, but an altogether different tune...

A novelty sign which was a recent 25 cent garage sale find, but with a clear message.


  1. What a gorgeous example of hand-lettering. Thanks for posting. Thanks also for the reminder of Justin Green, I remember enjoying his cartoons in Sign of Times magazine back in my sign painting days.

  2. I was a sign painter - but eventually turned into a portrait painter. I still love lettering!


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