Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picnic Supply Favorites

In case you missed out on National Night Out last night, you can still be the life of any neighborhood picnic with these "Holiday" party tumblers from the Brian Davis and Company Pty Ltd brand Decor in Australia. The designer of the 1960s packaging and logo for Decor is unknown. Source: Industrial Design in Victoria Australia
     Picnics with friends are always a favorite Summer pastime, and retro picnic and barbeque sets with expressive typography will always set the tone for any festive Summer feast. Here are a number of other picnic sets from various other sources...

This sweet, plaid "Hoot mon!" Picnic Things tin is found at Scissors and Spice. The Clyde Deluxe 3 pc. Bar-B-Q set below is a favorite eBay find. Not to be outdone, is this other 3 piece Deluxe Barbecue Set which is another eBay treasure. 

Not to be outdone, is this 3 piece Deluxe Barbecue Set and this 1960s SmarTset with 4 cups and plates, featuring a cool snowflake theme and a dang nice logomark. 

 Androck raises the bar with the Deluxe 4 piece set of outdoor barbeque tools, Source: EtsyAs more Americans were able to afford a family car, even Ford Motors got in on the modern picnic by selling charcoal briquets. Hmmm... "sizzling broiled meats and steaming coffee." Source: Bon Appetit

Now the 24 piece Picnic Pak. Source: Etsy. And My Own Set of tea party dishes just for the little set in your midst. Source: eBay

Share some Picnic Pals with your picnic pals. Source: eBay Don't forget the Magikooler Leisure Chest for the cocktails however. Source: Ruby Lane

And my own recent garage sale dollar find: a mid-century Picnic Kit with rustic log lettering. Just perfect for the great outdoors.

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