Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Russian Advertising & Entertainment Posters

Napolean's Invasion, 1931, by Khodasevich Valentina Mikhajlovna
Let's Get Food Program into Life!, 1989, by Ulanov Oleg

5 Year Plan of the Sugar Industry, 1933, by Bulanov Dmitrij
5 Year Plan of the Public Catering of the LSPO (Leningrad Union
of Consumer Societies), 1931, by Bulanov Dmitrij Anatol'evich
Budgets, 1988, by Bukheevy, S.N. Bulkin, and E.A. Mikheeva
A Laureate of International Competitions, 1975,
by Dobrovinskij Evgenij Maksovich
B. Brecht. Mother Courage and her Children, 1978,
by Tsvik Efim Semenovich

All the USSR Writes With the Furthers, 1929, Unknown
Take Care of Birds, 1978, by Karakashev Vilen 
Surenovich and Levshunova Lilija Jakovlevna

At the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy.
Nature Protection Pavillion, 1975, by Karakashev Vilen Surenovich
All the People Smoke the Cigarette Box,
, 1928, by Zelenskij Alexander

9 March 1945, 1969, by Evgenij Abramovich Kazhdan

Aeroflot, 1973, by Evgenij Abramovich Kazhdan 1922-1984
A Flea, 1927, by Kustodiev Boris Mikhajlovich

From the Museum of the Russian Poster.

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