Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alphabetica Rustica

The above two images from Michael Hochleitner's Flickrstream of the ephemera
collection at the University of Reading. The B here must stand for Bucolic.

Alexander Anderson woodcut from the NY Public Library archive.

Dutch alphabet book from Geheugen van Nederland.  

Post card for sale on Etsy for $7.

Page in a late 19th Century almanac from the Letterology Archives.

Charming pin. Wish I remember where I found it, and sure wish I owned it!

Flip side of a carte de visite from the Letterology Archives.

From some book of mine, but don't have a clue which book.

Wonderful cover of Imballaggio Magazine designed by Max Huber.
From Sandi Vincent's Flickrstream.

From the 1903 penmanship book, Designs for Letters and Monograms, by John B. Wiggins Co. You can see more in an earlier post here.
This is Part 1 in what may be a continuing series of rustic typography. I'm just a nature girl at heart who loves woodsy letters. 


  1. Lovely! Thank you. I look forward to the next set.

  2. the pin is by sarah coventry, there are loads of "initial" branches by her on etsy x


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