Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Russian Storybooks

Such a tremendous Russian children's book beautifully illustrated with type, and I can't even read it. Lame! I really wish I could read the entire story. I see it was published in 1971 and it looks as if the type was laid down using press type. Very sweet!
      The story book below is another gem, but again I have no clue on
the story of it. My guess it is a folktale. Can anyone else provide any other details?
:: Via the LiveJournal of da_zdra_per_m


  1. I think i can translate it for you =)
    But it will take some time

  2. Sweet! That would be so kind if you have the time. The 2nd book has too much text, but it would be wonderful if you can translate the 1st, or at least provide a characterization of it. You can forward it to me at kennardz@mac.com whenever you get around to it.
    Thanks kindly!


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