Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yours Truly

If you happen to have made it to the first Cincinnati Type-in recently, you may have seen these lovely letterheads from various typewriter companies. Richard P, featured the letterheads above on his blog Writing Ball. They were contributed by Peter Weil who writes the typewriter Ephemera column for Richard's journal ETCetera: Journal of the Early Typewriter's Association.  They are full-size scans available from himself truly.
      Taking a Q from Writing Ball, the 5 letterheads you see below from various Swiss typewriter companies were recently added by Shordzi on his Sommeregger blog. He kindly made them available for downloading here. Unfortunately there is no way to duplicate that metallic silver of the Baggenstos Hermes letterhead. Thanks for sharing guys!

The letterhead in the IBM Selectric below isn't available for download at this time. Nice display of Gill Sans Light, which would benefit even more from some kerning.

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