Monday, July 4, 2011

The History of Fireworks at a Glance

Pyrotechnics: A History of Fireworks by Captain Alan St. Hill Brock.
:: From The Fireworks Virtual Museum in Plymouth, England.

Above: The Standard display fireworks team from Jubilee Fireworks 

The Unexcelled Fireworks Company brochure from 1887 featuring a huge range of fireworks and novelty products, including the amazing Fireworks balloons. The Bogardus shells were manufactured to be fired from shotguns and were, in effect, miniature shells.
:: From Jubilee Fireworks


  1. And to bring it all up to date, have you seen John Maeda's lovely digital fireworks for Shiseido?

  2. No way! Let's see them try and add numbers and letters in the real firework displays! This is so much better than the real thing!

    Thanks Jane! Your link was broken so here it is again:


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