Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Student xType Projects, Part 5

Bugs never looked so beautiful. Student Claire Parkin had a ball with these letter bugs, assembling them into large letterforms.
      Corinna Rodriguez illustrated an Avian Alphabet of 26 species of birds seen below, and assembled them into an accordion book.  

Ayla Jacob took the term "experimental typography" quite literally for her project. Test Type is made of hand-formed paper clay letters which are dropped into small text tubes containing water. Added to each are several drops of colored ink. She photographed the reaction the colored ink had on each of the fragile paper clay letterforms.
      Christian Valencia's geometric font Plexi, was first drawn in Illustrator and then laser cut into plexiglas. The letterforms were then glued onto clear plexiglas for display. Christian's next task is to try to photograph the light each letter casts onto a white wall. 

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