Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Old School Type

Part 3 in the series of recent student experimental typography works reveals John Aspinall's parody of the 1985 Super Mario Bros. computer game. John refers to this parody as "Old School Type", as he inserted 26 mega-low-rez letters of the alphabet for the two Mario Bros. to navigate. This video shows his experimental game in linear action while Mario and his bro Luigi jump and dodge enemy attacks and navigate all 26 letters. Venturing into it, John was uncertain if his concept was even conceivable, but he discovered a way to manipulate the existing architecture of the classic 27 year-old Nintendo game in order to accommodate all 26 letters as part of the game's strategy. When he recently previewed the interactive game on a big screen at school, students—younger than the game itself—were standing in line to play it. John has now earned official old school, "game boy" status.

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