Monday, March 19, 2012

xType on Center Stage

Each year about this time I feature the work of many of my Experimental Typography students which happen to be some of my favorite posts. After five years of teaching this class (it took a vacation last year ;), I am happy to say my students just keep raising the type bar. This time around, I would like to introduce the video Alphabemation, which was created by second year design student Brie Elam. This was her first attempt at animation, and it is a remarkable piece of work with over 1300 images she created with clay letters and compiled into a stop-motion video using Adobe Premiere and iMovie. The music which is so beautifully synced with it is by the Cinematic Orchestra. Any animation is a leap of faith until the final editing and assembly is completed, and I am so delighted with the outcome of Brie's ambitious work. The xType assignment (a technical type term I coined for this experimental class) was just one among many, many which she and other students had to complete this Winter quarter. Now their work deserves to take center stage. Many more of my students' various xType projects are waiting in the green room for their cameo appearances. Please stand by.

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