Thursday, March 29, 2012

The 2012 xType Chronicles Continue

Student Earica Brown used an acetylene gas flame torch as a tool to create her xType font, Carbon. With the flame turned low, a dense black carbon (soot) is released, enabling her to draw some very ethereal letterforms. She then bound all 26 of her original carbon copies into the handmade portfolio she is seen holding below.

Brendan Lattin took a lot of time outside of class to build his experimental typeface, Time Out. He cut 26 letters of the alphabet from 2 pieces of plywood each, and formed them into right angles. His objective was to experiment with light, however he had no preconceived notion for its outcome when he initially began the ambitious project. When viewed straight on, the light casts a nice glow around each letterform. What is less predictable is how the letter and light transform as you change viewing positions. Now he just has to figure how to get it all off his living room floor. ; )    

Neil Palmer's font, Remnant, was inspired by a wall of pasted posters just down the block from the school. He saw beauty in the letters that formed when layers of posters were torn away and loved the concept of trying to recreate them. He experimented with hand tearing and glueing letters, but opted to assemble them digitally from various abstract pieces in the end.

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  1. all very creative, the torch as a tool produces a wonderful effect, my favorite.


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