Friday, March 9, 2012

On Pins and Needles

I cannot recall where I found these three paper envelopes of old sewing needles above, but I know I found them each at separate times. These text-laden labels immediately caught my eye as they are mostly all hand-lettered. I'm no authority on vintage sewing notions, but I believe The Arthur & Co. and Milward & Sons labels from England are the oldest in the group, just based on the hand-lettering styles. These labels could easily be legacies of long-established family businesses, and perhaps in use for generations. I wish I knew. The Eldredge label in orange is probably the newest in this small group and the only American label. For such small and insignificant items, I find these little folding envelopes with labels to be extraordinarily beautiful packaging. So I went on a treasure hunt looking for more pins and needle notions on the internets. A virtual haystack indeed!

Some nice needles made in England. From Joanne at Stitch Art.

Standard Needles made in England. From the Flickr collection of the justified sinner

French Needles from the Flickr collection of Chris Gray Textile Art.
British and Japanese needles from the Flickr collection of Katwood.

Needles made in occupied Japan. From the Flickr collection of fo.ol

A beautiful collection of British pin packaging from the Flickr collection of the vintage cottage.

A beautiful package of "ne plus ultra solid head pins of an improved shape with adamantine points" made only in England. From the Flickr collection of Madelinetosh

A lovely French package of pins. From the Flickr collection of mulberrymuse.
::If you intend to reuse any of these images, please respect the owner of each and credit them appropriately.

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