Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Big Bang

A 1908 poster for Pain's fireworks from the Firework Museum in the UK.
      Call me a spoilsport, but I love old fireworks packaging far more than I like actual fireworks. With it being Canada Day today and the 4th o' July celebrations nearly upon us in the states, I was hoping to spend this week sharing some of my former fireworks finds. That is until today, which nearly ended with a big bang as my laptop overheated and nearly fried. Currently, I am on the road in the "downeast coast" of Maine, and was fortunately able to borrow my husband's Mac to post this after my Mac died. It sadly has no Photoshop however, so color and other details may be somewhat askew this week. I was unable to remove all of my former firework files before my laptop gave up, but I can replicate some for you here. Below is a Chinese flashlight firecracker label I found on eBay recently, which I adore. Despite the washed out color scan, the charming image of "Crax Boy" and the brand name spelled in bright red firecracker letters is a delight. Remember kids, "after lighting, do not hold in hand".
Fireworks & Fetes, spotted over at Full Table, is a Puffin Picture Book which is a young children's imprint of Penguin books published in the UK where fireworks have a long and celebrated history. 

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