Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Devil of a Chance Games

This 1895 spinner base ball gameboard from Pluto Water features their iconic devil mascot. Pluto Water, was America's natural water laxative. "When Nature Won't, Pluto Will", was their infamous tagline for years. The active ingredient in Pluto Water was sodium and magnesium sulfate, but it also contained lithium salts among other minerals. The sale of Pluto Water was halted in 1971 when lithium became a controlled substance. Hardly a Halloween party game, but the devil is in the details here. From the Library Company of Philadelphia's Flickrstream.  
A McLoughlin Bros. boardgame from 1901. From the NY Historical Society eMuseum

Betcha can't do these game of Whirl-O skills. Could be yours, on eBay

Jack O' Lantern game of chance from blippee via an Ellen Louwes pin. Looks sort of like pumpkin bingo.
Parker Brothers seriously psychic, er psychotic Black Cat Fortune Telling game from 1897 via WorthPoint.
Donut toss or cat abuse? From eBay via Vintage Halloween Games Pinterest board.

I think I would seriously pass on this party game. Can be yours at eBay.

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