Monday, October 1, 2012

Ampersands, etc.

Elegant & electric, from White Electric.

Prototype of an ampersand bike frame from Aron Jancso. Still in R&D.
Nature's ampersand promising more of the same, etc. From Marchen Studios.

A big old backwards ampersand stencil. Sweet! From ArtfulVintage.
The January 1950 cover of Art & Industry is sporting a pair of handsome ampersands designed by Hans Schleger (AKA Zero). Another fine find from Mikey Ashworth's Flickr archive. Jane Audas of Shelf Appeal also discovered the similar collateral piece below which is an advertising leaflet announcing the January 1950 issue returning to its pre-wartime paper rationing size of 10x7 1/2 inches.

A hand knit ampersand sweater for your cat? Winter is coming. From Unionpearl.

Someone had to do it, so Miss Moz did.

The typographer's thinking cap. From Unionpearl

Just 1 of 300&65 lovely ampersands at the ampersand tumblr.
Ink on paper, by Marc Johns. Wheels cost extra.

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