Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Man With the Beautiful Eyes

This five minute animated poem is the result of a beautiful collaboration between producer Jonathan Hodgson, gifted illustrator Jonny Hannah, and the poetry of Charles Bukowski (1920-1994). There is not one wasted word, line, nor brushstroke in all of it. The Man With the Beautiful Eyes was produced in the year 2000, and has collected countless awards including the BAFTA (British Academy for Film and Television Arts), for short animation. After featuring the Bukowski poem narrated by Tom Waits here last week, I happily discovered this jewel, and had to add it to the mix. So much of Hannah's illustration work includes hand lettering with roots in 19th century styles. Watch closely for Hannahs' strokes of lettering genius dash across the screen. This is the kind of work by which all others will be judged.    

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