Monday, October 22, 2012

Devilish & Freaky Circus Posters

Nail-pullers "Cavalade" tires for cyclists.  

1900 chromolith poster for a sterling attraction with Ettgar Sallmito.                                                     

The Spider Woman with Circus Danielli and his unique collection of Phemomenon. 

Another live spider woman specimen from the Cirque Ancillotti.

The famous Leonaly—Contortionist. 1919 chromolithograph.
"A Decapitated Head" every afternoon & evening. All the other entertainments as usual. 1874 handbill.

The "54th Year of Pleasure Making" including some sport decapitation and free novelty gifts. Fun for the whole family!
:: All of these freaky posters and more can be found at Double-Ms wonderful Flickrstream. 

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