Friday, October 25, 2013

The R is Back

Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times
The legendary Rainier R is back and fully lit. This dramatic photo was taken last night at the installation and lighting party in celebration of the return to it's original location at the former Rainier Brewery. For nearly half a century this landmark letter was a beacon on the Seattle skyline. The original R met it's demise after the brewery was sold thirteen years ago, and it was replaced with a giant slab-serifed T for Tully's Coffee, who then owned the building. Naturally, the city reviled it. A cap T is no cap R, mind you. I hate to show favorites, as I love all 26 letters (& ampersand), but the character T is just too dang boring. Blame it on Tully's Coffee if you will, but the R's got game. Am I the only one who thinks the R should have been permanently installed atop Mt. Rainier? How stunning it would be to have a snow-capped R overlooking our region ;)
     Local Seattle sign shop, Western Neon, who rebuilt the giant red R, gave it a cook's tour around the city before the installation at the old brewery. The giant red script letter drew crowds at every stop in this neighborhood crawl

Last year Seattle ad agency, Wexley School for Girls, began a promotional campaign to restore the Rainier R, and created this wonderful little stop-motion video. You can see more photos from last night's party uploaded by R fans here

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  1. I knew the R was returning, but I hadn't seen the video. Thanks for sharing!


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