Monday, November 25, 2013

Feeling Lucky?

It seems a lucky someone will be getting a nice stocking stuffer tomorrow. Oh who, oh who, will it be? 
     As a curious sidenote: The Bay Psalm Book of 1640 is not without numerous flaws. Most notably, the inking of the Caslon type is uneven, frequent spelling errors and omissions occur throughout the book, and inverted commas are used in place of apostrophes at times. Some 200 years ago, publisher and author Isaiah Thomas said the Bay Psalm Book "does not exhibit the appearance of good workmanship. The compositor must have been wholly unacquainted with punctuation." 
     Even the translations of the verse have been sharply criticized by scholars, yet this first printed book in colonial America remains one of the most valued in the world, as it represents a historic turning point of Western civilization in what would later come to be the United States.    

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