Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blackletter in Fall Colors

Letterology is on Fall break again this week as I am preparing for the opening of the Camp Stories, Illustrated exhibit at the University of Puget Sound Collins Library in Tacoma, this coming Saturday. Instead, I bring you re-runs of some of my favorites from the Letterology attic. Thanks for your patience!

I'm so behind the times, this post is now two years old. It could have been last week, as it is still just as relevant. This cover was originally published for the Fall 2011 issue of T Magazine, a supplement of the Sunday New York Times. Los Angeles landscape designer, Judy Kameon and photographer Erik Otsea created this living Autumnal blackletter T, and I couldn't help but notice how much it resembles an elder gothic cousin; the rustic old growth T below. I've included a family snapshot of other extended members of this woodsy gothic alphabet whose roots go way, way back. ;^)

:: Rustic Old Growth Gothic Alphabet via the Letterology Archives.

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