Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birds and Words, Redux

Letterology is on Fall break again this week as I am preparing for the opening of the Camp Stories, Illustrated exhibit at the University of Puget Sound Collins Library in Tacoma, this coming Saturday. Instead, I bring you re-runs of some of my favorites from the Letterology attic. Thanks for your patience!

In my mind, this set of 1959 Czechoslovakian postage stamps are some of the most beautiful I have seen. They are designed by painter, illustrator, lettering artist, teacher and stage designer Karel Svolinsky (1896-1986) and engraved by Jirka Ladislav. The illustrations of the birds with the lovely script lettering, and the high quality multi-color engravings, set these Czech stamps apart as works of art. More of Svolinsky's postage stamp artwork can be seen in two of my earlier posts here and here, and in this handsome set of original lithographed Winter solstice postcards from 1948 from the Letterology Archives.


  1. Jennifer, I agree! This is just beautiful, and what a way to start this morning. It really is a treat. Thank you for posting them. Bertha.

  2. I needed to see this beautiful series to remind me spring will return.

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