Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Volumes of Seasons' Readings

Celebrating faux books and the holiday spirit on this eve of Christmas with another edition of Seasons' Readings from the Letterology stacks. This book/menu from Miss Frank E. Buttolph's Menu collection held at the New York Public Library, opens to display the menu for the annual dinner for the University Law School class of '02, held at the Hotel Marlborough in 1900. Learn more about the colorful Miss Buttolph and her fabulous menus here.

This sweet, but abbreviated volume of good wishes from Aunt Viola promises to be a very quick read. She wasn't much for sentiments I guess.

 Another cheery bookish greeting with candles found here

Personally dedicated Volumes of Joy from this eBay dealer to you.

From the self-help section of St. Nick's personal library

And a favorite repeat from last year which is filed under "from me to you" in the Letterology Library. Happy seasons' readings all! I'm out of here for a few days. 

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  1. I have a Valentine's Day Card from 1927 from my Great Grandfather to my Great Grandmother I have it framed, simply amazing


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