Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aeroflot in the 1960s

This handsome set of five Aeroflot Airlines tourist brochures are great examples of 1960s modern design and typography. Based on the illustrations, and colorful design, they suggest to me they were very likely designed by the same person. Some are written in Russian and English and aimed at the American traveler. Others mark the arrival of modern jet aircraft to the Soviet airline's fleet. During the 1960s, which coincided with the space race, Aeroflot set out to expand their fleet and greatly increase service. In the span of one decade they covered more than 3500 destinations within the Soviet Union. Surely this beautiful marketing campaign promoting modernized aircraft and the romance of airline travel, must have contributed to their expansion in the 1960s. I call it the decade of the white space race. ;)

Front covers of this entire set of Aeroflot Airlines brochures. Below is an Aeroflot Aerogram used for issuing complaints and offering suggestions to the Soviet airline. Many of these items are currently for sale from this dealer.

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