Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Signage R Us

My town is taking on a capital challenge of the typographical kind. Seattle Ad agency, Wexley School for Girls, has a new promotional campaign to restore the giant neon R which sat atop the old Rainier Beer Brewery until it's demise in 1999 when the brewery was sold. The legendary Rainier icon was created in 1953, and though now gone, it is not forgotten. It merely went into "recovery" all these years and is receiving some some much needed R & R in the archives of the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle. The museum intends to restore, rewire and repair the aging R back to (his or her?) original neon glow. They are inviting fans to actively participate in this process by completing some physical challenges over the coming months. Some of the 250 challenges posted on their website will include such tasks as creating an origami R, building a sculpture of Rainier beer cans, cooking something in the shape of an R, or taking a bath in Rainier (the beer or the town?). For each challenge completed, one of the 250 lightbulbs on the giant R will eventually light up again. The restoration is scheduled to be completed by December 29, 2012, in time for the official opening of the MOHAI grand opening at their new location at South Lake Union Park in Seattle. I've got a challenge for them: Name the dang script font used for the Rainier R. I don't have a clue.



  1. Wow, that's a lovely video! Thanks.

  2. Funny how a letter can effect us. An enormous cap R is pretty easy to fall in love with I admit. ; )


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