Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Sharper Wrappers, Part 2

The designs of these old razorblade wrappers displayed at close to original size may be really sharp, but I wish their scans weren't so dang dull. Although the detail in them has been lost and pixels run amuck, I find their design and typographic charms overcome their foibles. This post is a counterpart to my first razorblade post several months ago which were from a different collection and had far greater detail. The work of all of these miniature wrappers bear the mark of some great unsung design heros, and I am grateful to all the collectors of these scarce ephemeral items for preserving and sharing them with all of us. They are very much a part of 20th Century graphic design history. These and many more can be found at Mr. Razor Blade Wrapper's collection.

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