Friday, July 6, 2012

Carnival Type Gone Bad

Kerning people! That C is ready to fall off the cliff. 
Spotted at the Lakefair midway in Olympia, Washington.
::Via the Letterology archives.

::Via Wired Magazine online by K. Maziarz.
The Zipper needs to zip up its kerning as well.
::Via Matt Marshall's Flickrstream.

You can fly a plane right through this Super Sizz ler signage in Bowie, MD.
::Via Bowie Living.

Is it that hard to come up with another font aside from Souvenir for the word SouvenirS? Perhaps one with true small caps even? Seen at the souvenir stand at the Lakefair Midway in Olympia, Washington. 
::Via the Letterology archives. 
Todays Summer rewind originally appeared on 8.3.2011. 

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