Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Put A Crown On It

So many great chrome logomarks of royalty have adorned our cars, trucks and fire engines over the last century. Some of which still reign supreme. I was admiring all of the beautiful examples of typographic logos on the Chromeography Flickr site recently, and couldn't help notice the crowns that so many of their designs include. Nearly as many as those containing wings or rockets, but I'll save those for another day.
      Often referred to as car badges or emblems, the chrome logomark's design is as important as its name. Over many decades of car manufacturing, the chrome crown has become a frequent feature in these emblems. Because of their symmetry, they often 
appear centered above the vehicle's name or a shield. The one exception is the Mercury Monarch mark below, but it has a grill surrounding the crown which then nicely frames it. No matter how much elegance or prestige the crown icon may add to any mark; in the end, it is the typography which is still king. 

::Photos in order of appearance are from the Flickr pages of: Crown Firecoach: Your Pal Dave, Wolfsburg Horch: Puckfiend, Chrysler Windsor: Studiobaker1948 Chrysler Windsor: Mark Saunders, 1941 Cadillac: Steve Sexton, Ferrari 206: Eric Rosendahl, 1963 Galaxie 500: John P SullivanGhia: wcraig, Ghia Streamline: Delicious Industries, 1953 Crown Imperial: John Lloyd, Jensen Interceptor: wcraig, Mercury Monarch: DAT67Carlover, Carrozzeria Touring Badge: wcraig, Vignole: Delicious Industries.   


  1. One of my favourite and most memorable (I see it whenever I use my pocket knife) is the French cutler Opinel's logo: Le Main Couronnee.

  2. Now that logo is classic!

    Thanks for sharing Rob!

  3. Nice picks, Jennifer. We also have a handy "crown" tag for finding our Chromeography.com selections.

  4. Doh!
    Great to know Stephen. I missed some really fine ones there, but will be back to dig for more in the future.

    I love your site, potholes and all!


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