Friday, November 19, 2010

Tiny vs. Zepto

If I could, I would output this in 2 pt Tiny font (with expanded options for the aged and visually-challenged surely). Google are you listening? There is a licensing opportunity here. About 3 days ago I wrote the post Honey, I've Shrunk The Declaration of Independence, about the design of the Tiny font and today I've received notice from Makezine there is a teeny imposter of the Tiny font by the name of Zepto, available for free on MyFonts. Teeny font = teeny price! Perlin's font on the other hand is not for sale at this time.

Look closely at the images above for comparison. Zepto is similar in size to Ken Perlin's font, Tiny, but it is made of black pixels only. Tiny is created with differently-colored pixels, which are not entirely identical. (Check out the o's and n's.) One could say Zepto is slightly more readable than Tiny at the enlarged size shown above, however just the opposite is true when printed in the 2 pt. range. In this battle of the fonts, I'd say Tiny scores BIG.

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