Friday, April 1, 2011

Geological Typography

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the semi-colon-shaped island nation of San Serriffe in the Indian Ocean, you might want to do your homework before booking your travel to this banana republic. I'll spare you all the sorted details of this archipelago, and let you read about their shifting sands in the Bay of Gill and the rest of their unique geological type of history here, but spoiler alert: it is mythic in nature.      

Under the pen name of Theodore Bachaus, printer and owner of the Bird and Bull Press in Pennsylvania, Henry Morris made a visit to the mythical Republic of San Serriffe in the late 1970s and reported on his lengthy visit with a series of three fine press editioned books; The Booksellers of San Serriffe, First Fine Silver Coinage of The Republic of San Serriffe and The World's Worst Marbled Papers: Being a Collection of Ten Contemporary San Serriffean Marbled Papers Showing the Lowest Level of Technique, the Worst Combinations of Colors, and the Most Inferior Execution Known Since the Dawn of the Art of Marbling Collected by the Author During a Five Year Expedition to the Republic of San Serriffe. A notable spoof on a geological type of kingdom. Happy April one all. 

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  1. :o) - shades of the famous 1977 Guardian newspaper spoof on the Island of San Serriffe!


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