Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On The Road in Barcelona

Occasionally I have friends who send me photos of Letterological things they see. This week my old friend Patrick Reagh from Northern California sent me these photos he encountered on a recent visit to Barcelona. Patrick is a master letterpressman and typographer and has a keen eye for all things type and printing. He found this metal plate embedded in the street which celebrates workers' trades. The printer trade is recognized with an ink brayer and letters and the bookbinder is prominently identified with a book. Further on, Patrick peeked in the front window of a gift store, and discovered a platen press and several cabinets of type sitting next to long shelves of knick-knacks and curios. Patrick found this rather puzzling, but the storefront was closed so he couldn't inquire. Perhaps it was the local Shop-n-Print. Buy some glassware and order some printing while you wait-and-wait-and-wait.

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