Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homage to Palatino?

Giovanni Battista Palatino's original 1545 writing book from the University of Reading's archives in the UK. In 1949 Penguin Books published A Book of Scripts with a cover design by Jan Tschichold who I assumed had nicely adapted it from Palatino's book. As it turns out, Tschichold acknowledges his homage on the imprint page of this King Penguin book and claimed it was adapted from a design by Spanish painter, mathematician and calligrapher Juan de Yciar in 1547—2 years after Palatino originally published his book. So this means that Yciar must have originally adapted his design from Palatino and Tschichold then adapted it from Yciar over 400 years later. All 3 of these designers were towering figures in their field, but I believe Palatino deserves great honors for his original book. See more images of his beautiful book here. For a closer examination on Yciar and his impressive handlettering work, see Bibliodyssey's excellent post titled The Most Delicate Art. You can then make your own comparisons. 

:: Top six images above are from Palatino's 1545
book on writing in Wasianed's Photostream.
Bottom two images from the Letterology Archives.

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