Thursday, April 7, 2011

Space Age Typography

I've been doing a little space age exploration of my own today for some galactic typography. Far too many finds out there to cover in this space. I've provided credits for your own explorations wherever possible. Best viewed while listening to some space age music of Les Baxter—or better yet, the Spotnicks.
Cocktails in Space with Lex Baxter and band. LP record cover from the Junk Monkey.
1962 paperback cover by Richard M. Powers. From Levar.

Atomic needles from Wackystuff.

The Spotnicks band from Sweden. From Siouxzan Perry's LP of the Day on Facebook.
Their guitar sound and staging were an influence on bands from the Ventures to even Devo. Check them out on YouTube. Some amazing stuff there!

Tourist brochure for the futuristic Space Age Lodge near Disneyland from Synthetrix. Sorry, no date.

1960s atomic Space-O card game from Christian Montone.
1958 Genco space age game from pin repair.
Undated book cover design from io9.
1958 Lion Annual from Leicester Museums and Gallery.
45 rpm Tom Corbett Space Cadet record cover from Umpqua. Music by Mitch Miller. 
Tom Corbett Space Cadet paint set from Kawkawpa. How much better does it get?
Uncredited Tom Corbett Space Cadet paperback cover from Modern Fred
Book cover with space age transfers from Mr. Scrimmage.
Space Story Omnibus cover from Gale47

Enough space exploration for me today. It's back to the future now.

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