Monday, April 25, 2011

Gilding Demonstation

Last week my student Zach Self demonstrated how to gild the edges of 220lb. business cards. I can't wait to gild everything now.

Stack of business cards bookended with barrier paper on top and bottom.

Fit with a tight clamp just below edge of surface to be gilded. 
Clamps fit tightly on either side and paint with adhesive sizing. 
Product placement: Liquid adhesive sizing.

After applying sizing, press cards onto leafing material.

Lightly burnish with finger and apply pressure to adhere leafing to stack.

Burnishing leaf with bone folder.

Brushing off excess leaf from edges.

Voila! First side done.

Nevena Stoeva tries her hand at it.

Painting sizing on next edge.

Zach sets timer to 3 to 5 minutes for sizing to dry. It should be tacky to touch.

Applying glued edge onto gold leaf.

Applying pressure with finger to adhere foil.

Burnish lightly with bone folder.

2nd side completed!
Zach demonstrates how to separate cards by pulling down and out.


  1. Super, cette démo, merci !
    J'ai fait de l'enluminure, mais je n'aurais pas cru que la technique se transposait aussi "simplement" pour la dorure sur tranche.
    Je vais essayer ça...

  2. (Woops, sorry, I should've posted my comment in English)
    Great demo, thanks !

  3. Merci Karine! It's cross-cultural ; )


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