Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ABC Birds

Some time ago, I found this sweet candy tin at a local second-hand store owned by a nice British woman. It is an old English toffee tin I believe—likely from the 1950s or 60s—based upon the design of it. The type is Eric Gill's Gill Sans and Gill Sans Condensed which dates from 1928-1930 when Monotype released it, but the design of the tin looks much more modern. There is no date, but on the bottom it reads: Riley's English tin from Riley Brothers (Halifax) Limited, Halifax, England. It also lists all the names of the 26 birds shown on the tin. If anyone knows anything more about it, please let me know. Oh, and can you guess the names of the birds? 


  1. What a wonderful little find!

    Let's see: Albatross, Blackbird, ?Cerulean warbler?, Duck, Egret, Flamingo, Goose, Heron, Ibis, Jay?, Kingfisher, ?Little Blue Heron,? Mockingbird, Nuthatch?, Owl, Peregrine falcon, Quail, Robin....

    Love that little tin!

  2. Some of the birds are hard to see I realize, but you did a good ID on many...
    C is Cuckoo, E is Eagle, L is Lawping, M is Magpie, P is Parrot, R is Redstart, then Swallow, Toucan, Umbrella Bird, Vulture, Woodpecker, Xmas Robin, Yellow Hammer and Zebra Finch.


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