Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thanks For Visiting, Please Come Again

My discovery this past weekend of this tiny little welcome flag banner tucked inside the 1936 catalog, Encyclopedia of Sunday School Supplies, was quite accidental. Perfect timing however to personally welcome everyone who has stopped off recently to visit Letterology for their first time or a return visit. It makes me so pleased to see all the flurry of activity the past few days from all corners of the globe. However you arrived here, the welcome banners are flying.

Letterology originally began several years ago as a forum to share material with my students, but it quickly became apparent there was a much wider audience with interests in book design and typography. I try to post somewhat regularly as time affords—and I often try to keep the content original (but not always) and provide minimal commentary and credits wherever possible. When I find something of relevance to books or typography which makes me smile, is particularly brilliant, inspirational, or truly amazing, I will post it. On occasion I try to share some of my student's work which is never frequent enough. Sadly, my Experimental Typography class, or xType as I called it, gave way to a User Interface | User Experience class this school quarter so there may be even less student work to share here for a while. Since handlettering and experiments with type and text continue to be one of my favorite topics, I fully intend to continue including it here along with more posts about typewriters, office supplies, ephemera, printing, signage, letterforms, historical design influences, packaging, the business of design and the world of the book. I have no idea where this will lead or how long it will continue, but I would be delighted to have you join me. Welcome to my hood!

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