Monday, January 17, 2011

Show of Hands

Hands are very useful graphic devices. In addition to being used as marginalia markers (see previous post), they signal directions and assist navigation, they are used for signage, communication, logomarks and they can represent something handcrafted. We have all seen illustrations of hands—good and bad. Most obvious hands that come to my mind are: the Like symbol hand, A-ok hand, crossed-finger hand, the finger hand, the praying hands, Mr. Hand—I'm not even going there.

Here are some of my favorite illustrated hands I've encountered over the past several weeks:
1. Hershey's Chocolate spec work, Elvis Swift
2. Wood engraving, Alexander Anderson
3. 1972 postcard for New Hampshire Craftsman's Fair, Sheaff Ephemera
4. Figural Cameo, Sheaff Ephemera
5. 2-sided trade card for M. Westbrook, Sheaff ephemera
6. Enamel signage for enquiries (sorry, cannot recall origin)
7. Image from typewriter manual, Takeabreak photostream
8. Left/right/not straight, Timothy Evans photostream
9. Austrian brochure illustration for Mauracher Hof, Martin Haake

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