Monday, January 24, 2011

What Exactly Does a Girl Have to do to Earn a Books Badge?

I was a Girl Scout in my youth, but never earned more than the arts & crafts badge and the much sought after hobo badge. Had I known there was a flying-carpet and a books badge, I might have held out longer. A treasure chest badge would have been nice too. Requirements to earn a books badge seem rather slack, but at least six activities have to be accomplished before receiving one now. Among the activities a girl must learn are—how to handle books, demonstrate how easily yellowed newsprint crumbles (by destroying a book?), make a snake book, make a poster to encourage the use of the library and learn the effects of sticky self-adhesive Post-it notes. Spoiler alert: They are harmful to books!

Below are some examples of library promotion posters designed by a girl scout troop at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library in 2008. Perhaps Madison was going for the eBooks Badge...

::Mr. Wackystuff offers the great image above of the Girl Scout badges.
Just what exactly do you have to do to earn a flying-carpet badge these days?

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