Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things Found in Books

Inside Paul Rand's famous book on design: No Shoes! | No Talent!

Let's Bind a Book: Sign painter's business card

John Milton's poetry book: To Do List
- Job
- Social Interaction
- Diploma - job-higher ed
- Prep For life
- Knowledge

(not necessarily in this order)

Louis Lamour: A Ben Franklin

Sam Shepard | Seven Plays: Note To Self:
- Eat more fiber
- Drink lots of water
(perhaps a case of literary constipation?)

Canaries: Bird's feeding menu
Jackson Likes:
- Bread - white or brown
- lettuce (heart)
- apple > peeled
- cucumber > peeled
- celery
- carrot
- hard boiled egg yolk.
- Jackson is dead and I am very sad. Next birthday I would like two canaries like Jackson.

Fun stuff from Forgotten Bookmarks and one other source I can't recall. Sorry.


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