Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Journal of Commercial Art

—When graphic designers were called commercial artists.
This wonderful collection of CA magazine covers from late 50s and 1960s are a refreshing reminder of the accomplished design work which was often created entirely by hand. Handmade design as opposed to computer-aided design. Even the term graphic design doesn't describe what we do as a profession any longer. We are all becoming digital design nerds (or designerds), and sadly, some designers are being displaced by just nerds. This makes me cranky.

From the top:
Herb Lubalin, Art Director of the Year
Cover design by Robert M. Runyan, Los Angeles CA | Art & Lettering by Keith Axelson
Cover design by Robert Amft, Chicago.
Cover design by Mits Katayama, Seattle WA.
Cover design unknown, but it looks to be the work of Antonio Frasconi.
All CA covers courtesy of FastTimes' collection.

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  1. I know Keith Axelson. He just turned 87 a few days ago. Great to see his work. FYI: He's a "birder" these days and goes by "Keith the Birdman."


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